It’s really important we keep a safe and vegan place for our community to please read this BEFORE applying to be a Vendor Below



Think of us as the owner of a virtual piazza hosting a wonderfully cruelty-free market that is open 24/7. You can set up your tent and sell within our guidelines, however, as we own the piazza, we want to make sure it stays clean, healthy, and thriving. You are responsible for staying within the laws, shipping, and maintaining a correct inventory. We will implement and guarantee our mission as well as our guidelines are being followed.


What can not be sold?

We feel like this should be obvious but here it is in simple form: NOTHING that exploits animals. NO animal products, NO animal by-products, NO products tested on animals, NO exceptions!

Restricted Products:

– Gambling services
– Hazardous/toxic good or materials
– Sexual services/trafficking
– Illegal substances or prescription products
– No resale. (Such as selling a news subscription that is offered for free by the original maker. Or reselling a news subscription you are paying for)
– No selling of recalled products
– Stolen goods
– Third party infringement
– Firearms/Weapons
– Gift cards – Unless it is for YOUR company.
–    Soliciting unnecessary personal information
–    Taxidermy
–    Pornography
–    Used cosmetics
–    Descriptions/How-To guides for illegal drugs or activities
–    Embargoed goods
–    Hate items. We do not promote hatred in any way.
–    Government-issued Identifications/material


Adult content and Sexual wellness products:

We want to keep our marketplace as fruitful as possible, however, there are some things that are just plain old taboo, and this is one of them. We respect all views and want to encourage respect at IN VEGANS WE TRUST.

Listing Mature Products/Content.

–       Explicit content will not appear in the public areas of your account.
–       The main image on the listing of your item MUST be kept appropriate for general audiences. You may add additional images that display your product. For example, if you are a photographer selling prints – Please blur out the content on the main image. Upload a secondary image with the full content.

Items/services NOT permitted:

–       Sending personal sexual content
–       Sexual services
–       Any inappropriate images/content/suggestive material of minors based on your local laws.

If your content is found to be a little too risqué, it may be subject to review. However, we will work with you to ensure your listing complies with guidelines.

For the last two sections (and in general life) stick to these golden rules folks:

Keep it legal

Keep it safe

Keep it vegan


Photos must match the description.

Please make sure you give an accurate description of your service/product that you are selling.


Expiration dates.

Expiration dates must be clearly printed or included on all applicable products.


Do not give false information while joining.

Impersonating or giving false information is not cool man, not cool at all. I know we would all love to be Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson or Natalie Portman…. But like your granny told you, just be yourself… we will love you for who you are!



We do not require that you use a certain carrier

We advise the following:
–    Ship every order with tracking/insurance to avoid any loss of goods/money.
–    List realistic handling times
–    For international shipments: You are shipping out of the country of origin, advise that taxes and import duties may apply and that they are not included in the cost of the purchase.
–    List your shipping options clearly.
–    List your cancellation policy clearly



Make your return policy as clear as possible for review prior to sales. There are no limits on your return policy. This is up to you…. but it must be visible.


Positive Experience – We want to promote a thriving marketplace.

–    If a buyer has not had their questions answered about an order they will be able to ask us to step in to help. We will come and give you a nudge and ask what’s up.
–    Do not list products as in stock that you do not have. If you are making products to order please state on the listing the time frame needed to fulfill.


Liability for sellers:

You have read and understood that you are solely responsible for the safety of your products and hold all responsibility for any kind of injury, damages, losses, rights, claims, expenses that may arise from your product(s).
IVWT PTY.LTD. will not be responsible for any of the above.
You agree that if you breach any of the terms you may be suspended or have your account terminated immediately.
You are responsible to ensure your product is within the law, including international/federal law if you are shipping internationally or between different states.
You are responsible for the access of your account. If you share your log-in information, all private information they have access to is at your discretion. IVWT is not responsible for the access you give to your account.
Permission to use your content: we will never claim to own your product or content but may use it in promotional material or to help IVWT achieve its goals.
Do not purposely harm any of our IVWT sites

If these terms change, you will be notified via the email that your account is registered with.

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