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Customer Service

We facilitate the space for vendors and shoppers to connect, please first contact the vendor you have bought from to resolve any issues.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

Drive the vegan economy by shopping and hiring vegan!

Shopping FAQs

+ - What happens if I want to return an item?

Each item sold is protected under the goods and services act of the country they are purchased from. It is advised to reach out to the seller for their individual return policies. If you need to return and do not hear back from a seller our super lovely customer service angels will guide you through the process.

+ - Everything looks so good?? Have I stumbled into vegan heaven??

We have a big crazy wild wonderful dream to create a digital vegan world where everything is plant based AND cruelty free. We have invited the best vegan businesses to be a part of this utopic marketplace so you can do some guilt free shopping in your PJ’s.

+ - Is everything vegan?

We work really hard to make sure that everything sold in the marketplace is vegan. We do vet our vendors, however, this is the internet so please do stay vigilant. We try our absolute hardest to make sure everything is vegan – that’s the whole point of IN VEGANS WE TRUST – but we do also invite you to double-check ingredients or contact the seller directly if you want to double-check something. Please do report all non vegan items to us.

+ - Why should I shop here?

There are so many reasons to shop in our marketplace but our absolute favourite is – you are keeping the vegan dollar in the vegan community! Everything you buy in our marketplace is either made by a vegan company or a service provided by a vegan individual. These vegan business owners are going to spend this money within their own vegan communities. There will be no big dairy companies skimming the cream off these clean vegan dollars.

+ - Who gets my money when I buy something?

80% – 90% of the full purchase price goes directly to the person who listed their product or service. The remaining 10% – 20% gets pumped back into IN VEGANS WE TRUST so we can continue to grow our global vegan community.

+ - Do you ship worldwide?

Each product and service is as individual as the amazing vegan that makes them. Best to check on the fine print in each listing.

+ - What if I'm not happy with a freelancer's work?

It is always best to have this conversation prior to purchase I.E return policy for individual sellers. If a communication breaks down between you and the seller we will be happy to mediate a resolution.

+ - What if I don't receive my item?

There is no need to worry this can be easily resolved. Firstly, if you did not receive tracking we would ask that you reach out to the seller for the tracking information. If you received tracking information and there are delays and/or no movement on the tracking, please do reach out to the carrier to see if they are able to update you. If you are having no luck after trying these options please do reach out to our customer success team to see how we can assist you.

+ - Can I review a vendor?

Please do! You don’t know how happy it makes a small business owner to receive reviews.

+ - I'm vegan and I can baby sit. Can I become a vendor even if I don't have an official business?

Yes! Think of the marketplace as your local community noticeboard. Its like listing your info but not having to limit your phone number to the 10 tears at the bottom you ripped into your advertisement.

+ - How long does it take to receive an item?

Most sellers will have their shipping times posted. If you need an item before a specific date please do not leave it to chance and ask the seller!

+ - Can I change my order?

Please be sure of all your purchases and work closely with your seller (pro tip, if you are super nice maybe they will allow refunds!), and look at their product description/any statements made on their products.

+ - Why is my item on backorder?

This is most certainly something that you will have to ask the seller. This could be an error, an oversell, or as the seller went to grab your order from their inventory it grew legs and ran away and they have to find or make another to replace. Whatever the answer is the seller will have the answer for you.

+ - Who packs and delivers?

Hey, don’t look at us. Each seller is responsible for making sure the item that you purchase gets safely to your doorstep. IVWT just facilitates this awesome vegan marketplace.

Vendor FAQs

+ - This looks epic, how can I join as a vendor?

Glad you asked! Simply create an account by clicking here, list each product or service that you would like to offer then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

+ - How much is this going to cost me??

We like to start off on a positive note here and first invite you to think – how much will I gain from this??? You will retain between 80% – 90% off the total sale depending on how much you love us. This is a working relationship we are getting ourselves into remember.

  • Backstage Pass Business Members – Retains 90%
  • Backstage Pass Individual Member – Retains 85%
  • Non members retain 80%
+ - How do I get paid?

Payments will be released 30 days after each sale and returned to you monthly.

+ - Do I have to be 100% Vegan myself to list here?

YES YES YES!!!! This is a vegan marketplace by vegans for vegans. We want our vegan dollars to circulate in a utopic vegan world. Maybe now is the perfect time for you to take the plunge and join us…

+ - Do my products have to be vegan?

Sometimes we wish there was a louder ways to shout YES than just writing in caps but YES YES YES!!! Every product listed in our marketplace needs to be vegan. Not kinda vegan, not mostly vegan, not veganish – 100% VEGAN!!!

+ - Why should I list here and not just in my own online shop?

Because polyamory is the new norm, you don’t have to stay monogamous to that cart that your cousin built for you. Introduce your amazing products and services to a whole world of eager vegans.

+ - Can I offer coupons?

We would absolutely love for you to offer coupons and so would the IN VEGANS WE TRUST community. You can create exclusive members-only coupons as often as you like at no additional charge.

+ - Who looks after the shipping and does it have to be international?

You will receive an email as each sale is made with all the details you need to ship your products to their new happy home.

+ - How do I keep track of stock?

We advise that you be aware of your current stock levels, as to ensure that you don’t sell out too fast! A good tip is to have the quantity that you list on our site be low enough to ensure this.

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