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Are you sick of selling your stuff?? Want us to do all the hard work??? IN VEGANS WE TRUST are cultivating a following from all corners of the plant-based globe. These vegans are hungry for YOUR next best thing!

Are you looking for stuff?? Are you a vegan of the plant-based world hungry to get your hands on said next best thing???

Meet the marketplace! We sell, you buy, they ship. It’s a circle of happiness. Think wheel of good vegan fortune!

The IN VEGANS WE TRUST marketplace is the savvy consumer’s dream. Whether you want to be more environmentally conscious with low-waste products, find a vegan nanny to watch your kids while you travel, get a vegan tattoo that expresses your inner wild self, or acquire business coaching to support you in building your own vegan business, you can find it all here at IN VEGANS WE TRUST Marketplace.

The best part? Any purchase made through IN VEGANS WE TRUST keeps that green vegan dollar within the vegan economy and helps small vegan businesses around the world. You’re also helping secure IN VEGANS WE TRUST as a safe and trusted landing place for vegans to find the latest vegan products, grow, and self-actualize.

We carefully vet all potential vendors to ensure that they are 100% vegan, and have no tolerance for anything less than bold commitment to our vision of a vegan world.





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